Our Curriculum

At Heron’s Nest, our curriculum is in alignment with the seasons. Our work and our play will be informed by the changing weather, the sounds and smells that surround us, the plants that we seed and the others that choose to sprout. We will do work that reflects our changing needs as the air gets cooler or warmer, and as we get bigger and stronger. There will be an emphasis on seasonal holidays and agricultural cycles and the celebrations and songs that surround them. Children may participate at their own level of ability and will, and our projects will be responsive to their needs. I believe that these routines and rhythms help children, and all people, to develop self reliance, wonder, intrinsic motivation, a strong sense of community, and a sense of stewardship for our natural world. Below is a list of what we will focus on as the year progresses:

September: Late summer harvest

October into November: Halloween and Autumn

December, January, and February: The dawn and depths of winter

March into April: Beckoning springtime

May into June: Warmer days and expansive play